Meet our awesome team.

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Alex Moore

Social Media & Branding

I enjoy working with people and providing insight into who we are and what we do. Our events are a good way for everyone to come together as one Focus team.

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Jane Ruberry

Account Director

Your success is my success. It is my job to ensure all of our clients, consultants and talent are successful. I enjoy seeing the results of hard work and I am always here to support clients and talent.

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Joanna deTorres

Support Officer 

I am here to support the entire Focus team so that we are collectively efficient and effective. It is important to me that I am adding real value and allowing the team to focus on servicing our clients and talent.

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Rob Nel 

Talent Acquisition Manager

Our talent are our valued assets and we ensure that we understand your needs and career aspirations. Ensuring that our talent are well supported and looked after is of the utmost importance.

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Toni Wiggill

Talent Acquisition Manager 

I work proactively to identify people that are a good fit for the Focus business and our clients. We’re in business for the long term and that means looking after our clients and talent to ensure we are all successful.

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Digital Innovation Director 

Providing digital products & delivering innovative outcome based solutions using automation techniques. 

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Sean Ackaert

Finance & Operations Manager

It is my job to make your life easier with all of the logistics that are involved with consulting across Finance and Operations. I take pride in improving how we service clients, consultants and talent.

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Paul Morris

Strategic Design Director 

Delivering Strategic Design services to our clients. These services are of high value and ensure our clients really understand their customers.

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Nicholas Duckett

Managing Director

I am here to solve your problems and be proactive with solution offerings. I enjoy working with all of our clients, consultants and talent to ensure they are happy and successful.

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