Focus provides high quality consultants who are aligned 
to your needs to ensure successful outcomes.

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Helping you set the right strategic direction, enabling 
change and creating success within organisations.

Portfolio Management

Program & Project Management

Organisational & Change Management

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Truly understanding business objectives and working 
together to achieve successful outcomes.

Delivery Lead

Business Analysis

 Business Intelligence & Analysis

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Working together collaboratively to design better 
products and services for your end users.

Business Architecture

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

CX / UI / UX Designers

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Selecting the right platforms and technologies to implement 
high quality solutions that are fit for purpose.

Applications and Mobile Development

DevOps & Automation

QA & Testing

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We specialise in 8 highly-niched skillsets.

Automation & Design

Improving timeliness, costs, and accuracy of tasks through automation. Gaining intelligence through Machine Learning.

Business Improvement

Realising efficiencies and effectiveness across people, technology, and processes.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Striking the right balance of cloud and on-premise infrastructure to meet 
your needs.

Cyber Security, PCI/DSS & GDPR

Ensuring your organisation remains secure and compliant.

Digital Transformation

Putting the action back with the user by adopting digital technologies to transform your business and services.

Enterprise Systems

Implementing and maintaining fit for purpose systems across
your organisation.

Information & Data

Gaining better insights into your organisation to inform and make better decisions.

Systems Integration

Connecting your systems and information by leveraging the appropriate technologies.

Industry Experience

We have extensive experience across a broad range of sectors.

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Aged Care

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Banking, Finance & Insurance

Construction 1 photoshop.png

Construction & Mining

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Early Learning & Education

Government 1 photoshop.png


Health 1 photoshop.png


Logistics 1 photoshop.png


Recruitment 1 photoshop.png


Retail 1 photoshop.png


Superannuation 1 photoshop.png


Telecommunications 1 photoshop.png


Travel 1 photoshop.png

Travel & Aviation

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Utilities & Water